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tl;dr: friend at your own perilCollapse )
I am living hideously far far too close to this really amazing chocolate shop. Like seriously, it could cripple my budget if I'm not careful and deliberately avoid walking in that direction all the time. They probably wouldn't deliver too far out because of the whole SUPER FRESH OM NOM NOM thing, but if you ever find yourself in western Canada, check us out.

Secondly, OM NOM NOM DELICIOUS CIDER. I was really freaking out about the potential lack of cider that might come with moving back to north america, so one of the first things I did here was walk into a local liquor store and ask the guy there what our options are. Fortunately, he is a fan as well and enthusiastically recommended this brand. It's made by a local microbrewery which otherwise just does a bunch of varieties of beer, but it's made from Okanagan apples and pears and very very delicious. Again, it doesn't look like they sell much outside of western Canada, but this is AN EXCELLENT PLACE TO GO ON HOLIDAY YKNOW.

After trying a few brands, I think it's safe to say that the canadian definition of 'dry' is actually 'medium', but I love medium too so it's all good. Now if only someone could get on with making some scrumpy....

Thirdly, vid_commentary pimping, again. Tomorrow is the last day for sign ups this round. You know you want to do it. If for no reason other than to pad out the posting dates some more, because I broke down and finally signed up to force myself to write actual stuff this month, and now I'm feeling mildly terrified. And these things are really really fun to read/listen to when someone else is writing them.
I was browsing through the labyrinth of youtube to try to find all the necessary clips for a maybe possible Thing, and... got horribly distracted by a lot of bad Zoe/Sarah vids. And eventually a great deal of other pairings and characters, and basically the 'related videos' tab can be a total black hole of your spare time.

Every time I wade through the rubbish on youtube, it makes me want to do a better job of it, but at the same time, daily soaps can be a labyrinth to source like you wouldn't believe. So these folks are kind of amazing in a way. Anyway. Thank you very very much to Becky2330 for coming up with the goods on this one storyline. ^_^ Hopefully if Vidukon has another made in the UK type show, they'll have at least a bit more help trying to find variety beyond the vast Doctor Who output we generate every year.

Also, LOL James Sutton. It looks like the online fic is about as cheesetastic as the rest of our fanworks.
Radek Zelenka is having a bad day...
I got around to downloading Daybreakers last night. I have a horrible weakness for shiny populist action scifi, so I'm not really qualified to seriously critique the plot, but one thing happened which was really interesting.

not really plot spoilery at all, but anywayCollapse )

I kind of want to steal beccatoria's 'a surprising lack of sexism!' tag for this one.
Well, this is getting more complicated.

And a couple of questions:

Sometime last year, when I had internets, I remember reading about a new big bang comm for apocalypse stories. All fandoms welcome as long as the story involves an apocalypse. Anyone remember the name of this comm? because I would totally be all over that shit. I may as well rec this comm while we're at it because the concept is brilliant.

Also, would any of the flist who's seen Smallville be able to walk me through which episodes to find some stuff? Not immediately or anything, just whenever you have the spare time. Because the prospect of wading through ten-ish years of source for ten-ish seconds of footage scares the crap out of me. The reward for your efforts would be some sexy melodramatic femmeslash.
With an actual working computer, and an unsecured wifi signal in my building that someone was too stupid to password protect. All these things are new developments.

I didn't really want to come back just now, but... it was the best option there was, all things considered.

If anything exciting has happened in the last however many months it's been, feel free to gush. In the meantime, I'm a little bit of scared to dive headfirst back into the flist. And to do a proper overhaul of all the stuff that needs replying to.
Every now and then I check out the IMDb profile for Quantum Apocalypse again, because the release date always seems to be getting pushed further back (it was originally supposed to air earlier this year). Now it's up to February 2010, which is all kinds of frustrating. Because between Stephanie Jacobsen and Gigi Edgley, this is guaranteed to be the really really hot kind of Bad.

...I haven't brought myself to watch through Melrose Place yet though, because that show was bad enough the first time around, and seeing Stephanie as general show spoilersCollapse ) may ruin most of the things that I really love about her. and it gets worseCollapse ) *wants her escapist feminist sci fi back. :(*

though there may be some perks at leastCollapse )

Also, Katie Cassidy is in that show, looking hot too. Though she would look a lot hotter if they'd tone down the horrible makeup a bit. Why can't they pick less craptastic tv shows to act in.

I never really rec things either because hardly anyone reads here anyway, but apparently I make a glaring exception for anything Jesse and/or Riley related. RILEEEYYYY. This is a fantastically well made character study. Go watch it now.

ETA: It looks like Torri Higginson (♥) is in Stonehenge Apocalypse, so I'm going to have to watch it after all. So much for the 100% penis free squeeage this post had going on.
Title: Our Time
Fandom: Supernatural
Music: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Pairing: new!Ruby/Sam
Length: 3:00
Summary: Ruby is awesome

35mb divx @ mediafire
streaming @ youtube

Unbetaed because I wanted to have a go at making something quick and fun for the sheer glee of it. Mostly for mresundance, because I know this will be very relevant to his interests.
everything you essentially need to know about SGU is in my SGU tagCollapse )

Missing SGA so badly right now. And Rodney especially. : /

casting spoiler for Fallen Idols, and not the really obvious one you'd expectCollapse )

My dad phoned last night while gorging on turkey. I always forget holidays if they're not getting regularly mentioned in adverts and stuff leading up to the day. So I've tended to forget all the north american ones for years now. Sorry guys, that's really not very patriotic. A british friend had to remind me of our US Independence Day last summer. But hopefully all the canadians have had a happy thanksgiving yesterday (and lots of yummy food).